Water Line FAQ

What should I do if my water is cloudy or discolored?

                Cloudy or discolored water can occur when water mains are being flushed or in the event of a water line break or quick pressure change. Usually running your water for a few minutes will clear any sediment in the lines. The water lines will develop scale and in the event of pressure change or temperature change some of these deposits will appear.


What should I do if rust colored stains appear on my clothes after washing?

                If the village is flushing water lines or hydrants in your area do not do laundry. If you are doing laundry, the sediment in the water may leave a rust colored stain on your clothes. You can try a “Rust Out” additive found at most grocery stores to help remove the rust stains. You can also run cold water rinse cycle in your washer or dishwasher while empty to remove sediment.


What should I do if I am concerned about the quality of my water?

The Water Department takes seriously your concerns and questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We work quickly to solve water quality issues and will work to address your concerns. We will investigate issues such as dirty/cloudy water, order concerns, water pressure concerns, water hardness and some limited field/laboratory chemical testing.