Please Note:

Mosquito fogging runs from June to September. Fogging takes place from 4am to 8am weather permitting and does not take place every week. More information about our mosquito repellent used can by seen by clicking on the KONTROL button. 

Public Works

The Village of Richwood is fortunate to have Nick McDonald to head its public works department. Mr. McDonald is our Service workers supervisor and has always made and continues to make decisions in the very best interest of the Village.

Working closely with the Village Administrator and wastewater superintendant, Mr. McDonald leads a crew of 3 full-time employees. He oversees the day-to-day maintenance of the Village streets, parks and water and sewer lines. The staff works year around on several maintenance operations within the Village, including but on limited to:

Snow removal
Street sweeping
Street maintenance
Utility locates
Sign maintenance
Street markings
Brush pick-up
Public grounds mowing
Meter readings
Meter installations and repairs
Miscellaneous items and Mosquito fogging